The Big Red Church

The people of Calvary Presbyterian Church believe in the concept of a cross centered, trans-denominational church. We are a people shaped by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, believing that each Christian tradition, Orthodox, Roman, and Protestant, represents a unique and necessary aspect of the Body of Christ. Here every tradition is welcomed and joins other traditions like the voices of a choir--everyone adding a part and making harmonies that can only happen when we blend our voices rather than evangelizing and drowning one another out.

You will see our beliefs mirrored in this place we call Calvary, beginning with the fact that the building itself is cross-shaped. The sanctuary is designed to serve a wide variety of worship styles, drawing from Protestant, Roman, and Orthodox traditions. Those styles include Sunday morning worship with the community gathered as a family around the table of the Lord; Taizé Prayers when the sanctuary is filled with candlelight and we worship with scripture, chant and silent prayer; and the Labyrinth - a form of walking prayer that encourages spiritual seekers to make their own pilgrimage.

People journey in faith on a variety of paths. Whatever your path, you are welcome here to continue your journey of faith and to meet and journey with fellow pilgrims of faith.

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